"Think today, act tomorrow"

The Club Efficience Think Tank assembles experts to reflect every year on issues pertaining to development in Africa, with subjects including: energy, education, health, Agribusiness, urbanization, industrialization, and smart-cities.

The committee’s recommendations are published and shared with the public.


Le Club Efficience propose des solutions innovantes quantifiables et mesurables visant à résoudre les problèmes quotidiens pour lesquels la République des idées attend des projets clés en main tel une participation au processus national et international d’échanges et de mutualisation d’intérêts et d’actions.

Cette année s’annonce comme un accélérateur du changement de centre de gravité dans bien des domaines. Pour nous le changement est avant tout source d’inspirations positives.

Nous devons apporter notre précieuse contribution à la réalisation d’une France qui aspire à vivre dans le monde et non en lisière de celui-ci.

Le Club Efficience est un levier à la création de cette France. Nous souhaitons pouvoir prendre notre part des opportunités que cette nouvelle ère propose, parce que nous sommes aussi  les acteurs de notre réalité.

Nous sommes un collectif réuni dans un même objectif : réussir, pour briser le plafond de verre et présenter un autre projet pour notre pays.


Fati NIANG, “Black Spoon”

• Who is Fati NIANG ? French and born to Senegalese parents, Fati Niang grew up in France. After obtaining her BTS actions commerciales en alternance, she joined an architecture firm as an account manager, where she worked for 10 years. In 2013, after a brief time with a subsidiary of GDF Suez, she founded Black Spoon, the first African [...]


• Who is Romuald YONGA ? After completing his studies in Finance, Romaul Yonga worked as a financial analyst in a large bank in Paris for 7 years. In 2012, he founded African Market, the first financial information platform crafted specifically for Africa. • What is "African Markets" ? African Market is a multilingual platform designed to supply investors to Africa, by providing [...]


• Who is Elisabeth HOWARD ? From South Africa, Elisabeth HOWARD studied at CAP University, and then moved to France study economics at Sciences Po. She completed her education with a economics thesis at Paris DAUPHINE. During her studies, she was inclined to take on opportunities in economics and crowdfunding. In 2015, she created LelapaFund, a crowdfunding platform. • What is "LelapaFund" ? Lelapa [...]

Pierrick CHABI, « WAKATOON »

• Who is Pierrick CHABI ? Born in the Ivory Coast and raised in Benin, Pierrick Chabi moved to France to pursue higher education through scholarship. He studied Applied Mathematics and specialized in image analysis and artificial intelligence. At the end of his studies, he joined a startup specializing in augmented reality. He remained at the company for 7 years before founding [...]


• Who is Fatoumata SIDIBE ? Diplomée d’un BTS assistante de gestion PME-PMI with significant experience in the field of personal assistance. From her own experienced difficulties with sourcing and supplying, she had the idea to create E-Market Africa in 2014. • What is"E-Market Africa" ? E-Market Africa is a platform which allows the diaspora to easily send to Africa products from France as [...]


• Who is Nelly WANDJI ? From Cameroon, Nelly decided for her degree, to integrate into Parisienne life and attend a school of commerce in Paris. Through various internships, she acquired a variety of experience in international commerce; as a result, she specialised in luxury marketing. She then moved on to work for the number one watchmaker in the world, where she [...]

Odile DUSSAUCY, “Mes Sorties Culture”

• Who is Odile DUSSAUCY ? SUPELEC engineer with a PHD in game studies, Odile Dussaucy is a professional with diverse experiences in dynamic and demanding enterprises.She has notably used her expertise as a computer engineer to lead an initiative to publish educational games, and be responsible for security and environment in a company providing services to lessors. In 2014, [...]

#DDA 19 JAN. 2018 – A. MAYMAT, Head of Africa/Overseas Region at Societ Generale

Club Efficience debuts its 2018 season of business dinners with Mr. Alexandre MAYMAT, Head of Africa/Overseas Region at Société Générale Société Générale is one of the first European financial services groups. With locations in 18 African countries, the group holds a unique position within the Continent. Societe Generale has 3.5 million clients, 11,000 collaborators, and 1,000 agencies in Africa alone. [...]

Excellence award 2018

Club efficience rewarded 30 scholarships to students (of an amount ranging from 500 to 5000 euros) based on merit (academic history, results, and attendance) and household income, nominated by different school associations and higher education institutions. The ceremony took place 14 March 2018 in the projection room of Canal+, a partner of the program. Many public personalities were present at [...]

Third Business Breakfast of Club Efficience

Africa, Business, Innovation: Investment opportunities in Cameroon. Such was the chosen theme tackled by Club Efficience during its third business breakfast. Once again, Club Efficience partnered with Sciences Po to offer to its members an exclusive event to envision the possibilities of participating in the economic and social development of the Continent. Today’s focus was to present guests and potential [...]

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